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The lobby of Pine Creek Medical Center, a new state of the art facility.
The lobby of Pine Creek Medical Center, a new state of the art facility.
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Who We Are
We are a directory of minimally invasive surgeons participating in bariatric procedures at the new state of the art medical facility called Pine Creek Medical Center. These surgeons offer comprehensive weight loss programs that provide weight loss surgery as well as the medical management of obesity. We firmly believe that this combined approach ensures better long-term results.

Our Support Group
Our support group is an integral part of our patient's successful weight loss experience. Many of our patients have told us that our support group has a positive and significant impact on them. We encourage our patients to develop lifelong relationships that extend past our regular support group meetings, and contact each other frequently by phone, email, and casual get-togethers. <<More>>
Patient Options
There are several options for weight loss surgery. The Lap-Band is a newer technique for pure restrictive weight loss surgery. There is no malabsorptive component to the procedure, and weight loss is achieved strictly by a reduction in the amount of calories consumed. The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is another procedure that is performed. <<More>>
Facilities Such As:
                     Pine Creek Medical Center

Pine Creek is private, physician-owned and operated hospital serving more than 3 million people in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding counties. The hospital is accredited by the joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations.

9032 Harry Hines Boulevard
Dallas, Texas 75235

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Do I really need surgery to lose weight?
Weight loss is a national obsession it seems. Although some people lose that extra 10 to 20 pounds at the gym, most gain it back eventually. However, if you are one of the millions of Americans who find that non-surgical solutions such as diet and exercise programs simply do not work for them, the lapband® procedure can be the key to a new and healthier life.
Not everyone needs the procedure or qualifies. <<More>>



Pine Creek operating room

There are a variety of plans. Some will accept this procedure and some will not. Others offer you more choices, more doctors and greater flexibility in choosing a location near you. You may wish to review what insurances are accepted. <<More>>
Obesity is associated with serious health problems including diabetes and heart disease. The range of weight management services available to the consumer includes doctors, dietitians, commercial weight loss programs and kilojoule-controlled meals.<<More>>
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